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Reset password for Dahua NVR (Take DAHUA NVR2104HS-P-4KS2 as an example)

This article will certainly demonstrate how to reset the admin password for Dahua DVR or NVR NVR2104HS-P-4KS2. If you lost or neglected your admin password and also no longer can access your DVR, here you can locate various approaches to recuperate your lost/forgotten password. The success of these approaches depends upon the design you have, making duration, firmware variation, and so on.

Generally, to reset a Dahua NVR and recoup the admin password, you require to either do a tough reset on the motherboard or try the default password or use a password generator to produce a short-lived password based on the DVR’s day (or serial number). Listed below we are mosting likely to detail each password reset technique.
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If you are utilizing the brand-new generation of Dahua DVRs or XVRs, you might require to check the post connected below. It reveals a couple of other methods to reset the Dahua password.

Dahua password reset for the new generation of DVR or XVR

Dahua Password Reset (DVR or NVR).

Follow the methods listed and also clarified listed below to reset your Dahua branded or OEM recorder.
Which brand names can be reset?

The reset password approaches revealed here work for Dahua ,you can buy original DAHUA products from ICCTVZONE

How to recognize if your DVR or NVR is a Dahua OEM tool? If the user interface is specifically the exact same or very comparable then it’s more than likely Dahua equipment as well as you can utilize this guide to recover your lost password.

Technique 1. Reset the password by pushing the reset button.

The success of this approach depends upon the DVR/NVR DAHUA NVR2104HS-P-4KS2 design you have, several of them come with a reset button that can be located on the motherboard. Open up your recorder to examine if there’s any reset button on the board. Have a look at the complying with pictures. The reset switch need to be a black circle and also you’ll have the ability to press it.


Reset password Dahua

Note that in this DVR/NVR model the reset push button is located at the corner of the motherboard.

In this design, the reset switch is located near to the processor. If you can’t find any kind of reset button on your recorder, then your recorder doesn’t have one as well as you require to try the various other methods. Dahua started to make a built-in reset button on the motherboard by late 2017. Earlier versions don’t have a physical reset button.

If you have the ability to find the reset button, follow this treatment to reset the Dahua DVR/NVR to factory default:.

Power off the DVR/NVR.
Press and hold the reset switch.
Power on the DVRNVR DAHUA NVR2104HS-P-4KS2.
Maintain the reset push-button pressed for 30 secs.
After you see the start-up wizard on the display, produce a brand-new password.

Ensure you have actually a monitor linked to the DVR. The power cable have to be detached prior to beginning the treatment ( action 1) after that connect the cable television while holding the reset switch. You additionally can make use of the on/off button at the back of the Dahua DVR/NVR (if there’s one).

Hold the reset button pressed for 30 secs or till you see the start-up wizard on the display. Once the reset is done, the DVR/NVR will come back to manufacturing facility default setups as well as you can produce a brand-new password.
Reset password Dahua
We recommend producing a solid password making use of a combination of letters, numbers, as well as icons. Likewise, produce the pattern as well as fill in the safety and security questions (write them down in case you shed the password once again).

Approach 2. Attempt Dahua default passwords.

You never recognize yet this might be the option to your issue. Try all the default accounts listed here and see if any of them functions. If they work, you’re ready.

Username Password Role
admin admin Master user
888888 888888 Administrator
666666 666666 Guest user
default default Hidden user

If you’re able to visit, you can develop a brand-new account or customize the password. If this technique does not function or the account that works has visitor authority only, you can try the next technique.


Approach 3. Usage Dahua Daily Password Generator.

For some of Dahua DVR/NVR, there’s a master password generator. You need to enter the existing date turning up on the timestamp of the recorder and create a password.

Be careful, the generator will produce a password based on the day (timestamp) you input, if you place the incorrect day the created password will certainly be incorrect.

Kind the year, month, as well as day (YYYYMMDD) into the Dahua password generator, and also you will obtain a short-lived password ( legitimate for that day only). A example is shown below.

Reset password Dahua
After creating the short-lived password use it to visit right into your DVR/NVR and once you remain in you can change the password. Make use of the short-term password as the old password.

Reset password Dahua


Approach 4. Try the CCTV Super Password generator.


This is one more sort of master password generator that helps particular recorders. Provide it a shot and also hopefully, it will certainly benefit you. Download And Install the CCTV Super Password app on Play Store just (Android phones), it’s not readily available for iPhone however you can try the on the internet variation (linked below).

Reset password Dahua

There are two Dahua password generators, one based upon the day, the various other based on the identification number. Attempt both up until you obtain a hit.

Download And Install the CCTV Super Password app.

You can use the Dahua Password Generator online, check the links below:.
Reset password Dahua
Type in the day from the timestamp (on the monitor/TV) or the identification number which can be located on the sticker/label beneath the recorder. The device will certainly generate a super password.

  • Reset password Dahua

The generated super password is momentary and also is indicated to be utilized one time only, just to get access to your Dahua DVR/NVR. When visited, you require to modify the password, make use of the momentary password as the old one.

Method 5. Reset by getting rid of the battery.

Generally, if you remove the battery from the motherboard, the clock on the system will certainly be reset and you can make use of a well-known master password to access the Dahua DVR/NVR NVR2108HS-4KS2 . Eliminate the battery and also wait a little bit (usually 2 minutes) to have the DVR’s clock reset.
Reset password Dahua
The DVR’s date/time stamp typically returns to 01/01/2000 (the default one for this manufacturer). As soon as you see this timestamp on the display, try making use of the following username and password mix: admin (as username) as well as 668648 (as password) or admin (as username) and also 000000000000 (as password).

Method 6. Call your NVR2104HS-P-4KS2 dealer/seller.


If you have bought the Dahua DVR/NVR from a regional Dahua dealer/store or reseller, give them a phone call and also request for aid to reset the password. Most of the time, this is the fastest as well as simplest method to reset your DVR or NVR NVR2104HS-I . If you still can’t refer, maybe it’s time to upgrade your CCTV system.

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