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Innovative Security Cam Deters Intruders with Paintballs and More

A forward-thinking Slovenian company has developed a smart security camera designed to take a proactive approach to home protection, engaging in “active defense” against potential trespassers with paintball ammunition and, for those who prefer a stronger response, tear gas capsules— all with “ultra high precision.”

In an era where DIY home security solutions are ubiquitous, this device stands out for its unique method of deterrence. While many people use security cameras to monitor their Airbnb guests or keep an eye on their homes while away, this camera goes a step further by identifying and confronting unknown visitors.

Dubbed PaintCam Eve, the device combines automatic target recognition, facial recognition technology, and AI to detect strangers on your property around the clock. It issues a stern warning to any unauthorized individuals, and if they ignore the alert, Eve will launch paintballs to mark and deter the intruder, causing enough discomfort to encourage a swift departure.

For homeowners seeking a more dramatic response, the option to deploy tear gas projectiles is available, offering a level of security akin to having a vigilant police presence on your property.

The creators describe Eve as a “vigilant guardian” that never sleeps, blinks, or misses a beat, and a “proactive participant in your safety.” The device includes standard security camera features such as remote access, live monitoring, customizable alerts, night vision, object tracking, movement detection, and an easy setup process. It also offers video storage and playback, ensuring that captured footage is readily available for review.

Eve’s facial recognition software allows for selective targeting, notifying the homeowner if an unknown individual enters the field alongside a recognized visitor, giving the homeowner the option to intervene. The system can also be set to recognize and avoid targeting familiar pets, preventing误伤 to household animals.

While the inventors have not disclosed extensive technical specifications, they assure potential customers of the essential features expected from a home security system.

The introduction of such a security device raises questions about the responsible use of technology and whether individuals will use it as intended. It also opens up possibilities for unconventional uses, such as transforming the device into a sophisticated paintball game among friends or assessing the effectiveness of such measures against would-be burglars.

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