The Cool Things You Can Do With Your Iphone

Owning an iphone can be fun. For the new user though, the iphone can be complicated. Even experienced users keep learning as things are constantly changing. Here you’ll discover some of those tips, and with them you can enjoy your iphone even more.

You may want to opt for a larger keyboard to make surfing the Internet easier. You do not have to purchase a larger keyboard for this to happen. Simply turn the device to the side, push the address bar in the browser and you will be all set! This can make it more practical for you to type while using Safari.

Always update your device whenever you can. This will help ensure your phone is working as fast and efficiently as possible. Regular updating forces data storage and backup so you don’t lose everything you find important.

To save battery power, decrease your iPhone’s brightness. The brightness level can be lowered from the iPhone’s settings area. This will help save your battery power, which is important to having a full charge on your phone.

Switching from web browsing to placing a call on your iphone doesn’t take more than a single tap. You may be looking for a dry cleaner that is nearby. You don’t have to shut down your browser when you locate the contact info that you need. Simply tap the number, and you’re immediately connected to the desired business.

It is now possible for Siri to let your program a location-based reminder. It is no longer necessary to ask Siri to remind you to call the office at a specified hour. Instead, you can say “Remind me when I get back home to call work, Siri.” Then, when the phone detects you’re at home, it will remind you to call work. You’ll be able to use reminders more effectively by making them location-based instead of time-based.

Many iphone users will spent a lot of time surfing the web and reading mail, but they do not know how to save the images they find or are sent. When you see a picture you want to save to your phone, just tap and hold on the image. In a matter of moments, a small box pops up and allows you to select and save the image.

When using Safari on your iPhone, one simple tap can make a phone call. For instance, assume you’re searching for dry cleaners nearby. When you locate the number you were looking for, there is no need to switch to the phone part to place the call. Simply tap the number you see on the screen and instantly it dials the business you are trying to connect to.

Are you questioning the last text you sent out? Has Auto Correct messed up your message’s meaning? Giving your iphone a swift rattle is a really simple way to fix this. This will get rid of recent typing automatically. Remember that this is optional, so you have to check Settings first.

Is your iPhone simply pestering you with way too many notifications? There is an easy way to stop them. Begin by selecting the settings button, then tap the notifications bar. Check out the apps in the “Notification Center” and delete any unwanted apps. This will also improve the life of your battery.

There is no need to tap the ‘X’ button to waive the iPhone’s suggestions. This makes it easier and more efficient to use your phone to send emails or texts. Just tap anyplace at all, and the word will go away.

The iPhone gives you the flexibility of being able to capture a picture directly from the cord your headphones. Simply frame the picture that you wish to take. Simply push the volume button on the headphone cord. You have now taken a photo using your headphone cord. Use your regular picture saving steps to add the picture to your camera roll.

The utilities of your iphone has a calculator built in. When you hold your calculator vertical it is standard, but when horizontal it shifts into a scientific calculator.

Use multimedia to maximize your iPhone’s capabilities. You can download videos, movies or just about anything that interests you, all on your iPhone.

Your iphone can take pictures without needing to be shaken. To do this, all you have to do is use your headphones’ volume controls. Start off by focusing your camera on the subject you want to capture. The buttons on the cord will need to be pressed once you are ready to snap the picture.

Tag your email accounts to your iPhone for quick accessibility to all of your messages. This will allow you to receive a notification when an email message is received and allows you to instantly view the message from your phone. You can tag one account, or multiple accounts if you want.

Choose a ringtone that you love. Don’t be like everyone else and use standard ringtones. Use a song you like by uploading it to your ringtones. This will make people take notice of your phone.

Do you have doubts about the latest message that you wrote on your iPhone? Have you ended up with something strange added to your message by Auto Correct? Giving your iPhone a swift rattle is a really simple way to fix this. Giving your device a quick shake can help you start fresh with your message. This feature is not turned on by default, so go to Settings and set it up.

You probably already know your phone can set reminders based on certain times. Also, you can set reminders that are based on locations as well. As an example, you are able to say, “I need to call the dentist when I get home.” There are many reminders available with the iphone.

You don’t need to tap the X to eliminate the suggestion box that appears when typing if it is annoying you. Just tap on your screen where ever you want and the box should close.

Try not to purchase or store too many apps on your iphone. There are many iphone apps and some of them are even free. Some applications engage in unscrupulous data mining practices or charge you hidden fees.

Your iPhone has the capability of showing previews of incoming messages when your screen is locked. Depending on your personal preference you may find that this feature is helpful or you may not care for it at all. If you think it is annoying, you can disable that feature easily. In your Settings, navigate to the “messages” option that is found in your “notifications.” You’ll want to disable the Show Preview function.

If you want to type faster on your iphone, program in word shortcuts. On the Settings Menu, go to General, then to Keyboard, and find Add New Shortcut. You can use acronyms and abbreviations as shortcuts for words and phrases that you use often. When you use these shortcuts, the entire word or phrase will be inserted.

Your iPhone has an on-board calculator that can take all of the guesswork out of any basic math that you run into. If the iPhone is horizontal when you use the calculator, it will do advanced scientific calculations.

Tapping “cancel” allows you to save a draft of a message that you intend to finish later. A box inquiring whether you wish to save, cancel or not save the message draft will appear. Choose Save to save the message into your Drafts folder. If Drafts isn’t available, one will be created following it.

Be sure to keep your iPhone’s operating system up to date. Given the complexity of the phone and operating system, these updates may contain security patches, bug fixes and other important tweaks to boost functionality. This is even more important if your phone contains any personal information.

There is an alternative to finding a contact on your iphone besides flicking through your contacts list. Start by holding your finger on the alphabetical list. Then, move your finger up or down to navigate. This technique offers better control while you look at your contacts.

If you drop an iPhone in water, don’t turn it on to check it. Instead, do you best to dry the outside of the phone, and then allow the phone dry out overnight in a bowl of uncooked white rice. Trying to power it on when wet may cause irreparable circuit damage.

Keep an iphone away from extreme temperatures. For instance, if you need to go into frozen lockers or refrigerated areas frequently, do not take your phone. As with other electronics, water can build up inside the phone if the temperature drop is extreme.

As you probably know, you can set reminders to start at certain times. But, did you know that you can set reminders that trigger notifications based on your physical location? An example would be to remind you of ballet practice for your daughter right after work. All types of reminders can be utilized with iPhones.

A case is one of the first accessories you should purchase, especially if you are accident-prone. If you drop your phone without a case on, you are very likely to shatter the iPhone’s glass. If the worst happens and you lose your grip on your iphone, having a case on it can go a long way toward preventing damage.

If the iPhone freezes up, stay calm. First, press wake/sleep. If this doesn’t work, then try pressing the sleep and home button at the same time. This button combo prompts your phone to perform a hard reset, which should bring the phone back to life within a couple of minutes.

If you don’t plan on watching a video you’ve viewed on your phone again, be careful not to save it. When you have finished a video, your phone will ask if you want to delete the video from the phone. Do this so that you can free up some space on your phone.

The iPhone is a treasure trove of useful apps and features. One such feature is the comprehensive dictionary. This particular reference tool can be utilized with almost any app. Simply hold your finger down on any word and choose “Define” when the options bar appears.

Be very careful with the iphone connector cord because these have been known to get damaged quite easily. Gently disconnect the cord when it is plugged in. If taken care of, the cord should be good for a year.

One of the best ways to communicate with others via your iPhone is the FaceTime feature. With it, you have audio and visual of the person you are talking to. If you want to use this, just go to your contact section and search for the button that says FaceTime. Once it’s pressed, you’ll be able to hear and see the person you’re conversing with.

If you enjoy viewing the weather, then are you aware you can swipe your phone left or right in order to toggle between a six-day forecast and the current condition? The weather app can also be viewed from the Notifications screen.

Your iPhone does not bode well to temperature variations. For example, don’t bring your phone into freezers or refrigerators. Condensation forms in a phone if the temperature drops too low.

There is a reason why the iphone is so popular. Having one gives you access to a number of social and business opportunities. The tips in this article should be helpful in making any iphone user feel more experienced with their phone. Use some of the tips laid out here and you will enjoy your phone that much more.

Make sure that you never leave your iphone sitting in the sun for a long time. Direct sunlight can damage not only the screen, but also the internal parts. The internals are only meant to endure normal weather conditions, and direct sunlight can be extreme, especially during summer months.

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