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More people seem to have an iphone than not these days. Although there is nothing more popular in the world of technology today, getting the most from the iphone is not always easy. If you have yet quite mastered your iphone, keep reading. The article below can quickly transform you into an expert.

Reduce the brightness of your iPhone screen to conserve battery power. Simply use the settings on your phone to adjust how bright the screen on your iPhone shines. This will lengthen the time that the battery is powered between charges.

Get a larger keyboard to make the most of your phone’s Internet capabilities. And it doesn’t have to be an external keyboard. From the Safari browser, rotate your phone sideways and tap on the address bar. Now your keyboard is larger and you will be able to type more efficiently.

Try snapping steadier shots using the headphone cord volume controls, once you know how to take shots with them. Most headphones contain a button you can press to take a photograph. This will help you ensure you don’t shake your phone and create a blurry picture.

Another benefit of the iphone is the ability to navigate. Use the map as GPS when you want definite directions, or when trying to find gas stations or grocery stores en route. Use bookmarks to mark your favorite locations or your home.

If you are online with your phone, you don’t have to type “.com” to end the URLs. The phone will recognize the website when you type in its main name. This will end up saving you a ton of time.

Suggestion Box

Siri helps you with reminders that are location based. Instead of saying “Siri, remind me to call work at five.” You have the ability to ask Siri to tell you to visit to dry cleaner when you leave your house. Then, when the phone detects you’re at home, it will remind you to call work. Because our schedules often change unexpectedly, this can be a nice way to stay organized.

It’s not necessary to press the X to get rid of that annoying AutoCorrect suggestion box. To eliminate this alteration, tap anywhere else on the screen. The suggestion box might be wrong, or you could intentionally have spelled the word that way.

With the iPhone, you can make up your own dictionary and shortcuts. This helps the device recognize what you intend to type. You can establish your own shortcuts for words and phrases you use often. In addition, the keyboard can correct you whenever typing words or phrases.

Add efficiency to messaging by using this technique. If the suggestion provided for a word by your iphone isn’t what you want to use, you can get rid of it by tapping any part of the phone’s screen. You do not have to tap the “x” that follows the suggested word.

Are there umlauted or accented letters you wish to include in your messages? This is how to go about doing so. Press the letter you want to change to bring up the options. A box that contains extra keys should pop up. This will allow you to type with fancy lettering as much as you want.

As you browse webpages, scrolling with a single finger or two fingers is an option. If the site you’re visiting in split up into boxes, using just one finger will let you scroll through a single box at a given time. If you use two fingers, you will be able to scroll around an entire page.

Are you regretting something you just typed on iMessage? Has Auto Correct made you say something silly? Shake your iPhone and you can quickly undo any damage. This etch-a-sketch action automatically erases recent typing. Remember that this is optional, so you have to check Settings first.

Your iphone has an on-board calculator that can take all of the guesswork out of any basic math that you run into. When holding the phone vertically the calculator is a standard one, but hold your phone horizontally and you get a scientific calculator.

Your iPhone’s default setting is to show you a preview of your incoming messages right on the phone’s lock screen. You might find this annoying rather than convenient. This feature can be disabled easily to reduce your stress. Go to the settings, select notifications, then messages. You can then disable the Show Preview feature.

When you are using your iphone, you can take a screenshot. Once you are on the screen that you would like to take a screenshot of, hold down the “home” button and click on the “sleep” button at the same time. Your screenshot is saved when the screen is white.

The Safari web browser on your phone acts just like a web browser on a desktop. It even allows you to save images from the web. Want to save a picture on the Internet? No problem – just tap on the picture and hold your finger down. A menu will appear asking if you’d like to save the picture to the Camera Roll. After saving, you can insert this right into a text message.

The Safari browser in your phone is fully-functional and can do anything you could on a regular computer, including saving Internet pictures. If you run into a picture you want to save while you’re browsing, just tap and hold it. This will go right into your Camera Roll after you save it. You can even place it in a message.

Make sure your iPhone is using the latest updates. The iPhone is really like a mini-computer, so every now and then patches appear to fix security holes, bugs and issues with functionality. Keeping your operating system updated is especially important if you access or store sensitive information on your phone.

Your iphone can take pictures one-handed. Just get the picture you want and then tap the upward volume button, or +. The quality of the pictures is just as good as if you were to take them the normal way.

Making AutoText shortcuts for the words and phrases you use most often can make composing messages and emails on your iPhone a much faster process. Using this feature will save you a great deal of time when texting common phrases or inserting email addresses. This shortcut feature can be accessed under the keyboard settings of your iPhone.

Do not get panicked if your iphone freezes on you. Make sure to first try the button that puts your phone to sleep and wakes it up. If you are unsuccessful, push it along with the home button. This will start a hard reset and it should reboot in a few moments.

When you are on your iPhone device, you will sometimes get reminders that you do not want. You can either ignore the notification until you finish. Or you can eliminate the notification. You just wipe away the pop up screen.

To type with greater efficiency, establish shortcuts on the iphone. From the “settings” menu, go to “general, then to “keyboard”, and from there to “add new shortcut.” This lets you input abbreviations that you can use shortcuts for words or phrases that you type frequently. When you use these shortcuts, the full phrases or words that you designated will be automatically inserted.

If your iPhone freezes, do not panic. First, give the sleep/wake control a try. However, should this fail, press the Home key with the sleep/wake button. Doing so should bring up the option to reset your iPhone by using the Power tab. After a few seconds, the phone should power up again.

With an iphone, you have the ability to take a picture of the screen. This is known as a screenshot. Just press the home and power buttons all at once. Be sure to only press them both briefly. This takes a picture of your iPhone’s display and sends it automatically to your phone’s Images app.

If you have an iPhone, you should try using it to browse Facebook. While many people are already doing so, others may be unaware that they can just check Facebook right from their iPhone.

Tap Cancel

You should consider purchasing the battery management app. There are several available, and these apps can tell you where you are using the most battery power and what you can change to extend your battery life. These apps can tell you when it’s time to charge your battery as well.

If you want to save any message for the future, tap cancel while working on it. When you tap Cancel, your options will be Save, Cancel and Don’t Save. If you opt to save the message, it will be stored in the Drafts folder. If you do not currently have a Draft folder, the iphone will create one.

The iPhone makes it easy to put an email on hold until you have time for it later by simply pressing “cancel.” Mail will appear asking if you wish to Cancel, Save, or Don’t Save. When it is saved, it is stored in Drafts. Should this folder not exist, it will be created.

You can go through the contacts list three different ways. You can either press your finger to the list, scroll with your finger or tap a letter. The third method is the fastest of the three.

A great communication tool for the iPhone is FaceTime. This gives you the ability to have a live conversation with the person in video form. You can use it by going into your contacts and choosing to start a FaceTime call. Press it to both hear and see the person you are talking to.

There is an alternative to finding a contact on your iphone besides flicking through your contacts list. Begin by placing one of your fingers on the alphabetized list. Proceed by sliding your finger towards the top or bottom. This helps you easily control your search.

If you iPhone freezes, try to reset it by pressing your “home” button for at least 5 seconds. The phone will then reboot. If that fails, depress the power and “home” buttons together for a period of 12 seconds. This should be used only in the event that the first doesn’t work.

Do not subject your iphone to the hot sun for a long period of time. If your phone is in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time it is being put at risk for being completely ruined. Internal components are designed to sustain normal temperatures, so direct exposure to sunlight can be hazardous.

Do not let your iPhone become exposed to the sun for too long. If you leave your phone in direct sunlight a long time, it could be completely ruined. The guts of the phone are only made to withstand standard weather, and the sun can overheat it.

Deleting unwanted email has never been easier. While in the inbox, swipe your finger across any message to get a delete button to appear; you can then get rid of the message.

It can be touchy to navigate small windows on websites. You may discover you have scrolled yourself right through the main site instead. If you have trouble, zoom in first. Then, use two instead of one finger to scroll through the list.

When using your iphone, make sure you don’t accidentally save videos you don’t plan on re-watching. Once you watch the video, and are finished with it, follow the prompts that ask whether you want to remove it. Say “yes” to save memory.

Have you ever wanted to change your alert tone on your iPhone? There is a simple and easy way to customize your iPhone alert tones. Go to Settings, then press the Sounds button. There, you can choose the alert which you want to sound different. This is where you will find an option that says “Buy more tones.” Just don’t get too carried away!

Do you want different alerts for different people? The following procedure will show you how to personalize your alert tones. Go to Settings, then press the Sounds button. Select the alert that needs to be changed and select best for each item. Tap the option to Buy More Tones.

Keep the screen as dark as you can when not using the phone. The brighter the screen, the more quickly power drains away. When you keep the screen darker, your battery life will be longer, and you can go longer between chargers.

At this point, you should feel more comfortable navigating the myriad functions and features of your iphone. Now, use the advice provided to you. Use what you have learned. Soon you will realize that you are a master of one of the more popular technology devices today.

If you have noticed your iPhone losing battery quickly, one way to improve battery life is by turning off or disabling the applications and other functions that you are not using. Even when they are not actively being used, they can drain the power from your battery and shorten your usage time. Wireless radios include GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While they are not in use, leave them off and don’t access them.

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