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Everyone can enjoy an iphone, since it has so much to offer anyone. Everybody, from the very young to the oldest and wisest, can get a lot out of an iphone thanks to all of its potential. The information in this article will tell you about the various features that the iphone has to offer.

If your iPhone gets wet, you can dry it with rice. There has been many a person who accidentally dropped their phone into water – whether it be a puddle or even the toilet. Do not use a hair dryer, but wipe the phone with a towel and then place it in a ziploc bag that is filled with rice. It should be dried out after several hours or overnight.

When using Safari on your iphone, one simple tap can make a phone call. Say that you are searching the web for local dry cleaners. When you locate the number, there is no need to head to the phone area to dial the number. Just tap on their number and you’ll be connected to your desired business immediately.

If you’re having trouble seeing the characters on your keyboard, you can have a bigger one. This does not require you to make any purchases but simply an adjustment on your device. Simply turn your iPhone horizontal and touch the address bar. The keyboard instantly becomes larger and far more easy to use.

Are you tired of notifications you receive? There is an easy way to stop them. Click on settings and tap notifications. Examine which apps are listed in the heading and delete things that you don’t need. That should help your battery life as well.

In order to conserve your battery usage on the iPhone, reduce the brightness level. You can accomplish this in your iPhone’s settings area. Doing this means your battery will get drained slower, and this really helps for times you want to keep your phone charged for as long as you can.

You can create a shortcut on your home page for any site that you visit frequently. All you have to do is visit the website. Then tap the “Go” button. Doing so means you have the chance to add a shortcut to this website to the home screen of your iphone. Once it is on your home page, you can rename it and have your very own app.

After you know how to take pictures using the volume buttons, try using the headphone cord. Keep a steady hand when you are taking the picture and press the button found on your headphone cord. You will get a clear shot and won’t shake the phone by doing this.

Your iphone can also be used as a mobile storage device by downloading an easy to install app. You may upload text files, videos, pictures and music. Just use the iphone directly or connect to a computer to see the files.

One of the best buys you can make for your iPhone is a protective screen. Without some protection it is bound to get scratched up. Your fingers can transfer dirt to the screen which in turn can leave hairline scratches. Always keep your phone protected with a screen protector.

It is possible to take a picture from your headphone cord. Start by framing the photo you want. When you are ready to take the photograph, press on the cord’s button. The picture will be taken. You can save the picture by following the same steps you would normally.

You can create shortcuts and a dictionary on your iPhone. You will be able to use these shortcuts when using the dictation function of your iPhone. You can make shortcuts (and custom dictionary entries) for words, phrases, and terms you use repeatedly, too. The iPhone keyboard will also correct you automatically when typing a phrase or word.

To get your messages, tag email accounts on the iphone. It’s frequently convenient to view emails as they come into your inbox rather than waiting to view all the emails you receive during the day. You are not limited to a single email account with this feature.

Looking for a way to add special characters like an umlaut or accented letter to your texts? This is how to go about doing so. Simply touch the relevant letter and hold your finger down for a variety of options. You will see a box appear that has several more keys. The options available for typing specific letters will provide you with many choices for the appearance of letters using your iPhone.

Incoming messages are previewed on the iphone lock screen by default. This could come in handy or it could be annoying. This feature can be disabled easily to reduce your stress. First, go to Settings, then Notifications, then Messages. You can then disable the Show Preview feature.

There are a lot of multimedia capabilities that you can use when you are playing with your iPhone. Your iPhone can become an entertainment hub just by downloading TV episode or online clips that you love.

Just like with lots of other smartphones, the iphone can be set to give you visual indicators of when you receive calls and/or messages. There is also a feature available where you phone will flash when a call or message is received. This can be accessed under the general menu under “accessibility.” Switch Flash for Alerts to the “ON” position.

If you are looking to add, multiply or subtract something really fast, take advantage of the calculator function in the utilities section of the iPhone. You can use it easily in the usual vertical position or turn your phone horizontally for a sleek scientific calculator look.

You can use your Safari browser use you iphone just like a computer, even for saving images of the Internet. If you find an image you want to preserve on your phone, simply tap it and hold it. You can save images to the Camera Roll on your phone. It is even possible to drop it into an outgoing message.

If your iPhone is equipped with the Siri app, you may want to rethink using Siri often if you want to protect your privacy. Apple keeps recordings of almost all communication with Siri on its own server. While the intent of this storage is to enhance Siri’s speech recognition, and the storage is secure, you should still know that anything you tell Siri could be recorded.

Make sure your iphone is using the latest updates. Since it is a small computer, the iphone is complex. This means that adjustments and fixes are needed on occasion. This updating is critical if any personal information is own or accessed online using your phone.

The Safari browser offers the ability to access sites without having to type .com as an extension. If you wanted to visit the Target’s website for example, you need only type Target in the address bar and you should be directed to the site.

In order to hear a sound for each character you type, make the necessary adjustment in the “sounds” area of the phone’s settings. By turning on the sound you will know when your phone accepts your keystrokes.

Don’t waste time using suggested words when typing on an iPhone. When typing an email or a note, you can quickly banish the suggested words box by tapping anywhere on the screen. Now you do not have to press ‘x’ every time.

When using Safari to browse the web with your iphone, you don’t need to type .com to be able to reach websites. Typing “Amazon” in the address bar will cause the Amazon page to load.

It is usually easy to navigate a web page on your iPhone, but it can still take a while to go back to the top on longer pages. That is not necessary. Tap the status bar up top on the screen and you instantly get brought back to the beginning of the page. This feature works for any screen that you may have up.

You probably already know about the phone’s ability to set time reminders. But did you know that you can create reminders based on location, too? You might say something like, “Remind me to go to the gas station on the way to pick up the kids.” The iphone can help you remember all sorts of events.

You can easily mark an email message as “unread” in your iPhone. In the details area, there is an unread option that you must click. Once clicked, reopen the mail and it will appear unread.

Interruptions many frequently bother you while you are using your iphone. You can finish working on your current screen before responding to the notifications. All you have to do is remove the notification from your screen. You just wipe away the pop up screen.

You can reduce the typing time on your iPhone. You can set up new shortcuts under the settings. You are able, then, to preprogram long phrases or combinations of words that you use a lot. This programming will increase your typing speed by allowing you to avoid the task of typing those commonly used phrases.

Reduce the time you spend typing on your iphone. Go to Settings and select Keyboard. From there, add a shortcut. You can set a short code for longer, often-used phrases. In the future, it is no longer necessary to type everything out every time.

For personal communication on your iPhone, take advantage of FaceTime. With it, you have audio and visual of the person you are talking to. Just bring up your contacts and find the FaceTime button. Once you find the button, press it to both hear and see who you are communicating with.

Now you will be able to tell others about the benefits and customization options available to an iphone user. You have found more than enough information right here in this article to gain a great deal of understanding of the iphone.

Maximizing the use of your iPhone will only come if you master all of the tricks of the phone. One of which being eliminating emails you do not want with the simple swipe of your finger. Simply brush your finger over a message you wish to get rid of, and a delete button will appear on the screen.

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